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What to Expect with Your Windows and Doors Installation

What to Expect with Your Windows and Doors Installation


Many of our clients here at Old West Windows & Doors ask us what to expect when they are replacing their residential windows or doors.We compiled an installation procedure to help you understand the process.

The process really begins with the first phone call. We setup a time to come to your home and discuss your needs and how our services can help. We discuss price ranges and products and once we feel we’ve gotten to know your needs we will quote an installation job.

Once you have decided on the product and received a quote from us we schedule a time with you to complete the installation.

From there the procedure looks like this:

Window Door Installation Process 

1. Site Setup

The first step involves setting up the work area. Drop cloth floor coverings, cloth running tracks, plastic polly coverings and plywood hardwood floor coverings are used to protect the area from materials and debris. We provide all the materials needed.

2. Removing Interior Trim

Next, the existing interior trim is carefully removed and drywall is cut back to the original framing. This is so that the area can properly be insulated with maximum high performance expanding foam, adding insulation value, saving heating costs for you down the road.

3. Removing Exterior Trim & Window Removal

Similarly to step 2, only on the exterior of the home, trim is removed or cut back of existing stucco or siding so the window can be cleanly removed. 
The window frame is then carefully removed.

4. Cleaning

The third step involves thoroughly cleaning and inspecting the window cavity. The rough opening is cleaned and any foreign debris is removed. An inspection takes place to check for any tarnish, rot, mold, or other signs of affect to the area. Homeowners are notified if any of the above exists and steps are taken to fix any deterioration.

5. Caulking

A complete silicone caulking bed is applied against the exterior sheathing where the nail flange or brick mold meet, to create a tight seal once the window is installed. (A flange is a funny word for the lip that is created to allow for a product to be adhered or fit to another). Flange installation means the window product is installed and attached directly to the structure of the home.

6. Installation

The new windows are installed with all necessary levelling and shimming, leaving approximately 3/8’ to 1’ of space around the entire window for insulation purposes. The space left depends on the levelling of the new window against the existing rough opening.

7. Window Attachment

All window flanges or brick moulds are screwed in approximately every 6-10” around the entire window. This allows for expansion and contraction of the product over the seasons and years, without compromising the integrity and durability of the product.

8. Finishing

Interior Finishing


  1. The entire cavity between the nailing flange and drywall is filled with two separate applications of Low Expansion High Performance foam. This allows for more accurate cavity filling.
  2. The chosen interior trim is installed to all four sides of the window with a finishing nailer. Nail holes are filled and mitres are glued and sanded. This process minimizes any separation of the window to the trim, due to expansion and contraction causes be weather fluctuations. A second application of fill and light sanding is recommended before painting.
  3. An interior dap caulking is applied where necessary, where the trim meats the window frame, for a stronger/tighter seal.
  4. Glass is cleaned with “Spray Way” glass cleaner. Jams are cleaned with vinyl cleaner.
  5. The entire indoor work area is then vacuumed and cleaned. 

Exterior Finishing



  1. All needed drip caps/L-J channels are applied. (They prevent moisture from collecting around the window). All windows receive new upper drip flashes to match the exterior finish of the home.
  2. Wood build ups are applied around nail flanges for stronger aluminum clad finish.
  3. Selected clad coloured finish is installed around all four sides of the window. A tighter cleaner look is created by ensuring the finish is nail hidden and screw-free, as well as folded in mitres.
  4. Rubber based silicone caulking is applied where needed – between clad finish and window, and on the exterior finish against stucco/siding. All caulking is applied by a pneumatic air caulking gun for smoother more consistent beads.
  5. Glass is cleaned with “Spray Way” glass cleaner. As well as cleaning of all vinyl and aluminum.
  6. Complete cleaning of exterior area under and around the window is complete. Any debris is removed.

Helpful Recommendations for Homeowners


  • If you are planning to keep or reuse your existing blinds, it is helpful to take them down prior to installation if possible.
  • Try to leave a reasonable work area inside and outside the house where the windows are being installed.
  • Remove or take down and valued items that may be disturbed during the installation process.
  • Please inform installation company of any alarm or security systems you may have and notify your security company that an installation is scheduled to take place. Any recommenced procedures for working with security systems can be adhered to within reason.

If you have any additional question about the window installation procedure please contact us. We would be happy to answer them.


Calgary Replacement Window & Door Reviews

  • It's been 3 years from start to finish working with Old West Windows and Doors to have all windows replaced . They are professional, on time and did first rate work through all aspects. Their crew knows what they are doing, clean up afterwards and are courteous, going the extra mile...

    Rating: 10/10

    Terry - De Winton

  • I waited to write this review to see how the windows & workmanship would be after 1 year of use. The windows are triple low E glazing and frames are fibreglass. Well on a rating of 10, I give 10 for the installation, followup and the product. I would recommend these people to anyone who wants good service who back their products.

    Rating: 10/10

    Carl C.

  • After a competitive evaluation of three potential suppliers we chose Old West Windows and Doors to replace 11 windows in our home. We were very impressed with Rick's knowledge and experience as well as the excellent reviews of his company. Kyle and his crew of installers did a first class professional and timely job taking care to minimize any disruptions.

    Rating: 10/10

    Andrew Dudzinski

  • Great service, great price, professional and knowledgeable installers. Installers worked on an extremely cold January day and took the time to explain how windows work and asked if we had any questions before they left for the day. Will recommend to others and use them again without hesitation for our future window needs.

    Rating: 10/10

    J Kawchuk

  • We have been completely satisfied in dealing with Old West to replace our windows and have had previous windows replaced with them as well. Always efficient and dependable! We love our new windows!!

    Rating: 10/10


  • Service and Quality are what Old West Windows and Doors provided for the installation of 10 windows on our main floor. Now the cold weather has arrived I cannot believe what a difference these new windows make. I found this companies name on Home Stars and they truly deserve the high star rating they presently have.

    Rating: 10/10


  • I couldn't be happier with Old West from start to finish. I had three estimates and Old West was very competitive. What impressed me the most and made me choose Old West was the professionalism and customer service from the first time I called to request an estimate. I'm so glad I chose Old West because of their professionalism and quality of work.

    Rating: 10/10


  • We replaced 5 old windows in our century home with white vinyl casements. Rick was very patient with us as we shopped around and tried to make a decision and always responded to emails quickly. He was also able to speed up the installation with an earlier than planned date and Jeremy and his great team of quiet and tidy installers completed the job in a single day.

    Rating: 10/10


  • We were very pleased with Old West Windows & Door Ltd. right from the start to finish. We can honestly say that our experience with Old West was the most amazing and satisfying contract work we have ever had done. We would recommend Old West to anyone who is contemplating replacing windows in their home.

    Rating: 10/10

    Larry Danderson

  • Very pleased with the entire process! As indicated in previous reviews, Rick is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He works with you to find the best window options that will meet your needs without any sales pressure - incredible that the company owner has such a "hands-on" approach with customers.

    Rating: 10/10

    D Denoon

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