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Replacing the glass in your residential windows will have an immediate positive impact on your home comfort and energy efficiency. Home window repair with glass replacement can even mean avoiding replacing your full windows, meaning you’ll recoup your investment sooner through lower energy bills. 

Old West Windows and Doors knows windows & glass and is pleased to provide residential window glass replacement to Calgary and it’s surrounding areas. We’ve been one of Calgary’s premier window and glass businesses since 1996 and stand by our work with a 12-Year Installation Warranty, the best we’ve seen in our industry.

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Energy Star Ratings

ENERGY STAR certified products have been tested and certified to meet strict technical specifications for energy performance.

Calgary is in Zone 2 and all products carried by Old West Windows & Doors are designed specifically for the Zone 2 climate.

Canadian Energy Zones

The Government of Canada, specifically the Natural Resources Canada department, has divided Canada into four zones; A, B, C, D. The zones help windows and doors qualify for energy efficiency in the ENERGY STAR® program. 

The zones are set based on an indicator called a heating degree-day (HDD) which measures the average annual temperature. 

“An HDD is the annual sum of the degrees of the average daily temperature for all days below 18°C. This accumulated sum is averaged over a 30-year period to provide a good indication of the average temperature in a given location. The higher the average HDD value, the colder a location and the longer the heating season,” /equipment/windows-doors/1371. 

Zone A represents the mildest temperature, incrementally changing to Zone D which represents the coldest. We live in Zone B. 


Energy Efficient Glass and the Calgary Climate

According to Natural Resources Canada, “Colder areas require windows, doors or skylights that are more energy efficient. The climate zones for which a window, door or skylight is ENERGY STAR qualified will be shown on a label on the product and in the sales literature.” 

Many products on the market qualify for more than one zone. The higher the qualification of the product the more energy efficient it is. 

If you invest in a product that has a higher zone qualification than where you live, you are increasing your energy efficiency beyond the requirements. 

Most HDD values are taken at average altitudes, therefor it is recommended that if you live in an area of higher elevation, increase your zone by one notch, to account for temperature differentials at a higher elevation.

  • More about Glass & Energy Efficiency

    How Does New Technology Improve Energy Efficiency?

    Today’s products are top-notch. Manufacturers have drastically improved product over the years. 

    There are many ways product has become more energy efficient. 

    Double and triple glazing is one way. This is a strategy called insulated glazing. Double glazing is when two panes are placed together separated by an air pocket. Triple glazing is three panes with two pockets of air. 

    The air pockets are often filled with argon gas, which reduces heat transfer in and out of the house via the windows and doors. 

    Glass panes are separated by a spacer, which seals the gas space in between the two 
    panes. Spacers are often made of a low-conducting material, like structural foam, to evermore reduce the conductibility of the product, keeping efficiency high. 

    Triple glazing will ultimately provide better energy efficiency due to more insulating value. Statistically 8% more heat is kept inside/outside the house, compared to double glazed windows. 

    Another benefit to the triple glazing products is reduction of sound. The insulating barrier creates a nice sound barrier as well. If you live in a noisy part of the city this can be a huge benefit for bedroom windows, especially. 

    The Construction Process

    When ENERY STAR rated products are manufactured there is a very careful process to ensure energy efficiency is upheld. 

    The process includes applying an adhesive sealant to each face of the spacers. The panes are then pressed onto the spacers. If the product is gassed filled, two holes are drilled into the spacer, and small pipelines are inserted to drawn air out and replaced it with gas. 

    Once this process is complete the pipelines are removed and drilling holes are sealed. A desiccant is used inside the panes as well to eliminate condensation and small amounts of humidity. 

    Cost Consideration

    When considering a cost differential on products here are some questions to ask: 

    - How long to we plan on living on the home? 

    If the answer is, for the foreseeable future, or ten years, then it is often worth the investment to purchase a higher-grade, more energy efficient product, like a triple glazed product. The energy savings will be offset by the investment in the long-run, ultimately saving you money. 

    - What is our Climate Zone? 

    Do you live in a B, C or D zone? Then most definitely the product with a higher insulating value is worth it. 

    - What is Our Current Budget? 

    Always be informed and make an educated decision about products and pricing. Set a budget you feel comfortable with, however make sure you are getting the appropriate product for your needs. If cost savings is an issue and you do not plan to stay in your home for a long time (say you are renovating for re-sale) than double glazed may be sufficient. 

    Consult an expert for advice if you have any questions.

Calgary Replacement Window & Door Reviews

  • It's been 3 years from start to finish working with Old West Windows and Doors to have all windows replaced . They are professional, on time and did first rate work through all aspects. Their crew knows what they are doing, clean up afterwards and are courteous, going the extra mile...

    Rating: 10/10

    Terry - De Winton

  • I waited to write this review to see how the windows & workmanship would be after 1 year of use. The windows are triple low E glazing and frames are fibreglass. Well on a rating of 10, I give 10 for the installation, followup and the product. I would recommend these people to anyone who wants good service who back their products.

    Rating: 10/10

    Carl C.

  • After a competitive evaluation of three potential suppliers we chose Old West Windows and Doors to replace 11 windows in our home. We were very impressed with Rick's knowledge and experience as well as the excellent reviews of his company. Kyle and his crew of installers did a first class professional and timely job taking care to minimize any disruptions.

    Rating: 10/10

    Andrew Dudzinski

  • Great service, great price, professional and knowledgeable installers. Installers worked on an extremely cold January day and took the time to explain how windows work and asked if we had any questions before they left for the day. Will recommend to others and use them again without hesitation for our future window needs.

    Rating: 10/10

    J Kawchuk

  • We have been completely satisfied in dealing with Old West to replace our windows and have had previous windows replaced with them as well. Always efficient and dependable! We love our new windows!!

    Rating: 10/10


  • Service and Quality are what Old West Windows and Doors provided for the installation of 10 windows on our main floor. Now the cold weather has arrived I cannot believe what a difference these new windows make. I found this companies name on Home Stars and they truly deserve the high star rating they presently have.

    Rating: 10/10


  • I couldn't be happier with Old West from start to finish. I had three estimates and Old West was very competitive. What impressed me the most and made me choose Old West was the professionalism and customer service from the first time I called to request an estimate. I'm so glad I chose Old West because of their professionalism and quality of work.

    Rating: 10/10


  • We replaced 5 old windows in our century home with white vinyl casements. Rick was very patient with us as we shopped around and tried to make a decision and always responded to emails quickly. He was also able to speed up the installation with an earlier than planned date and Jeremy and his great team of quiet and tidy installers completed the job in a single day.

    Rating: 10/10


  • We were very pleased with Old West Windows & Door Ltd. right from the start to finish. We can honestly say that our experience with Old West was the most amazing and satisfying contract work we have ever had done. We would recommend Old West to anyone who is contemplating replacing windows in their home.

    Rating: 10/10

    Larry Danderson

  • Very pleased with the entire process! As indicated in previous reviews, Rick is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He works with you to find the best window options that will meet your needs without any sales pressure - incredible that the company owner has such a "hands-on" approach with customers.

    Rating: 10/10

    D Denoon

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