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Finding a good window and door replacement company in Calgary is not easy. There are countless companies claiming they can install windows and doors, and not all are created equal. There are huge market leaders with big marketing budgets and there are small independent contractors working from the back of a truck. With all that diversity, how do you choose the best company to replace your windows and doors in Calgary? Here is some advice to help you on your search.

Calgary Windows and Doors

Window and Door Specialists

Correctly installing windows and doors is an art form. It takes years of experience to really get good. Some companies offer cut rate prices, because they hire inexperienced, low cost sub-contractors.

Other exterior renovation companies, like roofers, siding installers, fence builders, etc. offer window and door replacement as an add on to their large range of services. It’s very difficult to develop the skills and experience when only occasionally installing windows and doors.

The worst part is that you won’t know the quality of the window and door installation until a few years later. It may show up in water penetration into the walls of your home, drafts, difficult to open windows and doors, or even structural damage to your home. By the time you notice, it is almost always too late. Make sure to get your windows and doors installed correctly the first time. It’ll save you lots of money and  aggravation over the long run.

The number one piece of advice we can give is to always choose a specialized windows and door company. Don't hire a jack of all trades for specialized work. That is the best way to get a quality installation that lasts.

Finding the Best Calgary Window and Door Company

The best way to find local contractors is always going to come from someone you know and trust. It’s doesn’t matter what kind of service you are thinking of, getting word of mouth referrals from family and friends are the most trustworthy. At Old West, a big part of our business is from past customers recommending us to friends and family. We great appreciate all the recommendations and online reviews we’ve received over our two decades of business. 

If you know anyone who has had their windows and doors replaced recently, ask them about their experience with the company.  Here are some questions to really get a feel of the quality of installation and service offered:

  • Was the salesperson knowledge and did he/she listen to you?
  • Was initial quoted price accurate?
  • Was the installation completed on schedule?
  • Was your home left thoroughly cleaned after the work each day?
  • Was there anything they didn’t like with the window and door company?

Don’t just rush into choosing a window and door installer. Take your time and make sure you choose someone you can trust.

Google Searches for Window and Door Replacement Companies

If you can’t find a personal recommendation, it’s common to search for the window and door company on Google.

One thing to keep in mind with Google search results is that many of the top window and door companies have paid to be there. The image below shows which listings are paid advertisements and which are natural listings. Established companies like Old West Windows and Doors Calgary, rank higher over time largely because we invest a lot in informative content on our website and have earned lots of positive online reviews.

Calgary Windows and Doors Google Search Results

Window and Door Review Sites

There are literally dozens of home improvement and review sites with listings of contractors like window and door companies. It’s nearly impossible for most companies to keep all their online profiles updated so it’s good to check a variety of sources.

Homestars is still one of the best sites for home improvement contractors, including Calgary window and door companies. There is a large number of window and door replacement companies listed with real customer reviews. At the time this article was published, Old West Windows & Doors Calgary, had 179 reviews with a 9.9/10 rating. We are also proud to have received the Best of 2016 Award in the windows and doors category. Near perfect ratings can only be earned by exceptional quality installations.

There are also reviews on sites like Google Plus, but these are not as common as Homestars.com reviews.

What Size of Window and Door Company is Best?

As with most businesses, size counts a lot. A small company, working off the back of a truck, is much more difficult to trust. It doesn’t matter what kind of warranty they offer if they are not around to honour it in the future. It’s best to choose a company with a track record of success and a real business location

On the other hand, when companies get too big, quality and service are much more difficult to maintain. Even the best employees won’t have the work ethic and devotion to the business as owners do.

We believe that Old West Windows & Doors Calgary is the optimal size. We’re small enough to care about each and every window and door installation, yet we’re big enough to have the expertise and buying power to give you the best value. As a family run business, the father and son team of Rick and Cory Whatley oversee all aspects of the work and it’s very likely that you will be talking to one or both of them on your window and door installations. That hands on approach allows Old West to offer an industry leading 12-Year Installation warranty on all our windows and doors.

As you shop around for Calgary window and door companies, take some time and really research the companies. There is a reason Old West has near perfect ratings from past clients. We go the extra mile to offer exceptional service and quality window and door installations. We’re not the biggest window and door company in the city but we work really hard to be the best.

Call Old West at 403-262-3993 today. We’ll be happy to answer all of your window and door questions and provide a no-obligation quote. We have the perfect windows and doors for your exterior renovation.

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