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Alberta Energy Efficiency Rebate for Windows

New Alberta Energy Efficiency Rebate Program - Windows Rebate Information

Beginning at the end of April 2017, the Alberta Government has made rebates of up to $3,500.00 available for eligible home improvement products, including $1,500.00 toward more energy efficient windows.

In this post, we will cover which types of window options will gather the highest rebate allowance as well as describe the benefits of more energy efficient windows.

Old West Windows and Doors Calgary is an approved member of the Alberta Home Improvement Rebate program.

Old West Windows and Doors Calgary has been approved by the Alberta Government to provide rebate savings directly to our customers. This means you do not have to do anything to save money with your new windows. Old West will do the paper work for you!

What Makes a more Energy Efficient Window?

The main components that positively affect your windows Energy Efficiency is the number of panes of glass, what fills the spaces between the glass, and what that glass is coated with. Naturally, proper installation is critical to get the most out of your new windows so picking a trusted Window and Doors installation company is always a must. Old West Windows and Doors has been serving Calgary for over 20 years and offer a 12-Year Installation Warranty over and above any manufacturer warranties. That is the best warranty we’ve ever seen and feel it speaks to the confidence we have in the quality of our work.


Triple Pane Windows

A pane of glass is simply a single sheet of glass. Triple pane means that your window has three separate panes of sealed glass with enough space between them to provide an adequate insulation barrier. The space between the glass acts as an insulator, keeping the outside weather where it belongs. Dual Pane windows were once the norm but in a cold climate, like the one we see with Alberta winters, your windows should include triple pane glass.

Triple vs Double Pane Windows for Energy Efficiency


Argon – It’s a Gas!

Argon is a non-toxic, inert, clear and odorless gas that can be used by window manufacturers to displace the air between glass panes. Argon gas is better at reflecting heat compared to the normal air we breathe, so windows with Argon gas provide better thermal protection than those without.

argon low-e windows


Low-E Glass

Low-E stands for Low-Emittance and refers to a glass’s ability to reflect or let in heat. There are many types of Low-E glass and which is right for you depends on what climate you find yourself in and what preference you have for your homes temperature. Some Low-E glass is made to reflect the maximum amount of heat, best for keeping your home cool. Other types of Low-E glass is coated to let in heat, helping to heat your home during those chilly winter months.


Rebate Information 

Up to $1,500.00 is available for your new windows. Once we have measured and you have made your selection, we will be able to tell you exactly how much you stand to save. Below is the MINIMUM estimates that you can expect to receive per replacement window. This information is from: https://www.efficiencyalberta.ca/home-improvement/windows/  

window rebate amounts


Old West Windows and Doors Calgary is here to Help!

Energy efficiency is only one of the considerations to take when choosing new windows and doors for your Calgary home. Be sure to consult our full Windows Buyers Guide for more information.

As always, we encourage you to request a Calgary Windows and Doors Expert from Old West Windows and Doors Calgary to come to your home and review all the options available to you.

Give us a call anytime at 403 262-3933 and let us take care of your Energy Rebates for you.



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