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Professional Window Replacement Calgary

Good quality and properly installed windows can last well over 20 years before you even need to start thinking about replacing them. That's why it's critical to have your replacement windows professionally and correctly installed from the beginning. Cutting corners to save a little money upfront, will inevitably cost much more over the longer term.  

Professional Window Replacement Calgary 

The Problems of Discount Window Installation

Low cost window replacement companies can offer lower pricing by cutting corners on the installation process. It is easier and cheaper to install replacement windows inside the old window frame. This saves on labour and material costs, but it comes with costs. The main difference is that the glass area of your window will be several inches shorter all around. The second problem, is that the insulation and integrity around the old frame will not be updated or repaired.  This can mean that drafts and water leakage into the walls of your home remain, even though you have new, energy efficiency windows installed.

The correct way to replace windows almost always requires removing old window frames and installing new ones, in order to improve the insulation, design and longevity of your windows.

Professional Window Replacement by Old West

In 97% of cases, Old West Windows & Doors will completely remove the old window frame of your windows and install new ones. Doing so, will allow for a larger window area and will most certainly offer better insulation. Additionally, you might already know that homes shift over time. This can create small gaps in old window frames that allow moisture or drafts to penetrate. By removing old frames and installing new ones, Old West can properly properly attach the new window frames to your home, correct insulate around the frames,  and make sure the new window is perfectly square for proper functioning. 

Reasons for Not Removing the Original Frame

That said, there are a few occasions where Old West will opt to keep the old frames. This is almost always done to preserve historic trim and architectural elements. Say, you own a turn-of-the-century home and have intricate trim and sill work on your windows - this is a valuable and beautiful feature of your home, so we won’t remove it. The same can be said for high-quality solid wood framing where inserts make more sense. Another reason is to preserve architectural features, such as basement windows with a larger depth. Instead of disturbing the existing finished interior, we will insert a window into that opening and finish with a small wood trim to match.

Old West Installation Warranty

Window replacement is an important investment for your home, you shouldn’t have to worry about the professionalism of your contractor. Old West Windows & Doors Calgary offers a 12-year warranty on our installation services. We are confident in our work and make sure your windows are correctly installed right the first time around. 

Whether you are looking to boost the value of your house for sale, redesign your home and improve energy efficiency, or just need to replace your windows because their time has come, make Old West Windows & Doors your first choice for window replacement in Calgary. Installing new windows is an important undertaking and quality is key when it comes to durability, insulation and design.

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