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Metal and wood hybrid windows offer a combination of stunning natural wood interiors with ultra-durable aluminum exterior frames.

Why You Should Make the Switch to Hybrid Windows

Wood offers a natural beauty and charm that is the perfect accent to the interior of your home, however it doesn't weather the elements very well. Metal window frames offer extreme strength and weather resistance but can seem out of place against your furniture and the interior design of your home. Enjoy the best of both with hybrid windows from Calgary's Old West Windows and Doors.  Hybrid windows offer the durability of a metal frame on the exterior, but are made of wood on the interior for aesthetic purposes.

Calgary Hybrid Windows


The Allure of Wood Windows

Homeowners love classic wood windows. Of course, we do, too. But, sadly, wood windows are susceptible to weather and can warp over time, making windows difficult to operate. Because wood is a natural material, it expands and contracts based upon the weather and humidity.

If  you have an older home and haven't replaced your windows, it's very like your home has wooden window frames. They were very common in the past. If you have these older windows, you'll know very well that wood window frames need regular repainting and other maintenance. You also probably have windows that are difficult to open and close. These problems are quite common with wooden window frames.  

The Durability of Aluminum Windows

When it comes to durability, aluminum windows are the top choice. Aluminum windows are strong, weather resistant, energy efficient, and practically maintenance free. Aluminum windows resist warping, moisture, rust, and rot. Historically, aluminum windows were primarily used in commercial applications, but now are just as accessible to homeowners. The drawback is that  aluminum interiors can appear cold and out of place with the interior styles of most homes. 

However, there’s no reason to overlook aluminum windows any longer.

Hybrid Windows

Hybrid windows are the solution. With hybrid windows, your home gets the best of both construction materials. You enjoy the beauty of a wood or vinyl interior and the greater durability of an aluminum exterior. Hybrid windows come in aluminum exteriors and a choice of wood or vinyl for the interior.

Interior Window Options

The classic option: wood interior window frames. 

Wood is the timeless choice. Wood can be stained or primed and painted, offering you the most customizable solution. With wood interiors, you can finish your windows to match your home’s unique style, right after they are installed.

The simplest and most affordable option: vinyl interior window frames.

Vinyl windows require no finishing and are maintenance free. All it takes to maintain your vinyl windows is occasional cleaning. Vinyl window frames never need to be scraped, sanded, painted, or stained. They will look brand new for many, many years to come.

If you haven't replaced your windows in a long time, you're probably stuck with old wooden windows. Since this is Calgary, those window frames are probably also looking tattered with peeling paint, cracks in the wood and possibly even water damage to your home. Modern hybrid windows are a great solution. You can keep the wooden interior for style and design, but you get the durability and low maintenance on the exterior.

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