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Beautiful designs and great durability at affordable prices make vinyl windows a perfect choice for Calgary's unique climate.

Why Modern Vinyl Windows are Superior to Wood Windows

Time to Switch Your Calgary Windows to Vinyl?

While many homeowners love the endearing look of older wood windows, there is a price to pay for their traditional charm. Simply put, wood frame windows are more expensive and will need more maintenance over their lifespan including regular painting to protect the wood. Modern vinyl windows   have many advantages, including lower costs, much less maintenance and aesthetic beauty.

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Less Maintenance with Vinyl Windows

When it comes down to it, homeowners today simply do not have the time to spend keeping up with older wood windows The days of having the flexibility to spend entire weekends scraping and painting wood windows are over. This type of maintenance is a routine chore with older wood windows.

Lower Costs of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are also a more economical choice. While there are premium wood windows available on the market today, their cost is often out of range for the average family. These new wood windows do offer better energy efficiency than years ago, however, there is still quite a bit of maintenance involved with even latest wood windows. Wood requires proper care, meaning they will need to be painted or sealed every 3-5 years. Without this necessary maintenance, wood windows will rot, potentially leading to drafts, or even damage to your home.

Energy Efficiency of Modern Windows

Modern windows that are properly installed will be much more energy efficient. Windows of the past are most likely out of square, due to your house settling over the years. These gaps allow air infiltration, making them less energy efficient. Properly installed, quality vinyl windows today offer less air infiltration and maximum efficiency and performance. Beyond just the efficiency of their dual-pane glass, many quality vinyl windows today are filled with insulating foam in the sash components.

Vinyl Windows: The Environmental Choice

Vinyl windows are truly a green choice because they endure the test of time and they are not using scarce wood in their frames. Vinyl windows can last many years with virtually no maintenance other than keeping them clean and following manufacturer’s instructions. A common fear of homeowners associated with vinyl windows is that they will not look as traditional as wood. This is simply not the case with the array of options available from most manufacturers. From traditional styles to modern finishes and hardware options, vinyl windows can provide even the pickiest homeowner with enough design options for any taste while maximizing today’s technology and the benefits of green living. It’s time to consider replacing your older wood windows with new, quality vinyl windows.

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