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Is it Time to Replace Your Calgary Windows?

There are many benefits to replacing your windows, particularly in a cold climate like Calgary.  At the same time, you want to maximize the lifespan of your old windows to get as much value as you can out of them. Here are some clear warning signs that it's time to replace the windows on your Calgary home. 

The Benefits of Replacement Windows

Modern, energy efficient windows add a lot of value to your home. They look better and add to the resale value. More importantly, new windows with double or triple pane glass, low E coatings and argon gas are much better insulators. New windows will reduce drafts, keep your internal temperatures more consistent and even help to lower your energy bills. New windows also function much better so you won't have to wrestle with that old, difficult to open hardware.

Another key benefit of replacing your windows is that you can greatly expand the window area. Install large patio doors where your old kitchen window use to be. Install a bay window in your living room. The options are endless now. An old, dark room can be transformed by new, larger windows.

There are numerous reasons to replace your windows, but how do you know when your windows have reached the end of their useful life?

Signs that your Windows Need Replacing

Window Replacement Calgary

Drafts Near Windows

On windy or colder days, can you feel cool drafts near windows? Drafts are a common complaint on older windows and are often caused from your house shifting over the years leaving gaps around the window frame. Single pane or older double pane windows can also feel cool simply because of their weak insulating capabilities. New windows, with correct installation will drastically reduce any drafts or cold areas around windows.

Water Leaks

If your house has shifted over the years or the weather seals on the windows have worn out, it is likely that there are small gaps around the frame or window openings. If you can see water leaking into the home it’s likely your windows are not sealed properly or the weather seals have deteriorated. When it rains, take some time to regularly inspect your windows to see if water is entering. Cracking or bubbling paint around your windows is also an indication of  water damage. Water leaks can make wood and drywall swell, causing the paint to bubble and crack. If you notice visible signs of water damage on the interior walls of your home, it is important to have your windows replaced quickly. Ongoing water damage can cause more serious structural damage and mould. 

Visible Mould Around Windows

Regular moisture build up will often lead to mould. If you notice black spots around your windows, on the window sills or close to caulking, mould is likely starting to form. This is a clear indication that there is water seeping into your home.  Mould can be dangerous and should be remedied as quickly as possible, particularly if there are young children, elderly or those with respiratory problems in the home. 

Signs you Need to Replace Your Windows

Window Condensation or Fogging

While it is normal to have some window condensation on the inside of windows on colder days, excessive fogging or condensation between panes can be a sign that your windows are no longer properly insulating your home. New double or triple pane windows greatly reduce condensation, frost, and fogging. 

Window Replacement in Calgary

Difficult to Use Window Hardware

Over time, it's not unusual for window hardware to become lose or even break. If your windows are not opening and closing smoothly, it's a good idea to either lubricate the hardware and if that doesn't fix the problem, a window replacement may be necessary. It's important to have properly functioning windows in the event of a fire or other emergency. Also, you want secure locks to prevent unwanted intrusions. If your window hardware is no longer working correctly, you may want to consider replacing your windows. 

Windows Get Old

Your older windows may be in good shape and functioning properly, however, advanced technologies and features make new windows much more  energy efficient and functional. With the natural shifting of your home windows can often become difficult to open. Weather seals will deteriorate over time, insulating gases will evaporate and protective coatings can be rubbed off. If your windows are more than 20 years old, they should be closely inspected for signs of deterioration. 

Ongoing Window Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of installing modern, low maintenance windows is the elimination of scraping and painting window frames. Older wood frame windows require regular painting to protect the frames from rotting and water damage. New vinyl or hybrid windows do not require painting so you can save yourself the trouble of scraping and painting every few years.

Our Calgary Windows Guide has more information about window replacement. 

Window Replacement Calgary

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