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Sure-Fire Signs you Need a Window Replacement for your Home

For many people their home is their safe haven. It’s the place they feel the most relaxed and comfortable.

The better maintained the essential functions of the home, the more comfortable and safe it will be.

Windows are one of these important features. They can contribute to the temperature inside the home, the safety of the home, the views looking out, and the outer aesthetic as well.

So when is it time to consider undergoing a window replacement?

          Window Replacement

There are some sure-fire signs it is time to replace windows. They include:


Windows are meant to keep the elements out while providing beautiful views and access to natural light. If water is leaking into the home it’s likely your windows are not sealed properly or they have deteriorated.

Pooling water near the casing or window sill is a sign of leaking. Paint bubbling up and cracking depicts water damage as well. This is a result of water leaking in and being absorbed by the wood which then swells, causing the paint to bubble and crack.
Water damage and leaks means it is time to replace your windows.


Where there is water or humidity there is often mold. If you notice black tarnish around your window, often the window sills and close to the caulking, water has seeped in and started to mold.

Not only does this deteriorate the window further, it can be harmful to the residents of
the home. Mold spores when airborne can cause allergies and irritation.

Air Leak

Have you ever walked by a certain window in the home and felt a draft? Alternatively is there a window that feels cool when you sit near it?

Another way to tell if there is an air leak is if you hear a whistling sound coming from
your window on a windy day.

These windows likely have air leaks causing air to seep in and cool the surrounding temperature. Either the leak needs to be resealed or the window replaced.

Glass Fogging Between the Panes

Window Condensation- Foggy Windows 

With weather temperature fluctuations condensation and frost can gather on our windows. If you are noticing condensation and frost, or fogging in between panes there is an air leak somewhere. This indicates time for maintenance or a window replacement.

Fogged double pane windows are another indication of a leak or seal failure. There are ways to vacuum out the fog, however if the leak is not addressed it will return. In this case, windows should either be replaced or the leak should be found and

Hardware Malfunction

Window Hinges and Hardware
In another scenario perhaps the hardware has simply fallen away or come loose.
Properly functioning windows is an important safety feature. You want to be able to easily open and exit a window in the event of a fire. Conversely, you want to make sure your windows cannot be opened from the outside to prevent break and enters.

You can upgrade the hardware, however depending on the technology or intensity of the fix you may want to consider a window replacement. Older hardware may be off the market, and integrating newer hardware into the existing setup may cost more in the long run than replacing the entire window.


Older windows may be in good shape and functioning properly, however may not provide the same quality of energy efficiency as the newer modern windows on the market.

Not to mention if your windows show signs of any of the above characteristics, their energy efficiency has definitely deteriorated.

In the long run this costs extra in heating bills.

Often people will put off a window replacement due to costs reasons; however in the long-run the energy savings offset the replacement cost.

Maintenance Needs

Other maintenance needs may signal; it is time to fix/update your windows.

This includes worn out weather-stripping, hardware, as we spoke about, old products lacking insulation value, or overall age and deterioration.

Other maintenance needs may be removing old paint and repainting.

All-in-all if your windows show any of the above signs it may be time for window replacement. If you have any questions about your windows please call us.

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