Choosing the right material for your new door.

There are a myriad of options when choosing your new door. First and foremost is deciding what material you would like to use. Each different material has it’s own benefits, so check below to see which is the perfect fit for your needs!


Fibreglass doors are extremely durable and perform exceptionally in all temperatures. They insulate well and are very energy efficient. They are extremely strong and available in a variety of colours and styles to match your home. They can also be painted.


Vinyl doors are generally the most cost effective and maintenance free. They are exceptionally energy efficient and very durable. Vinyl will not rust, corrode, rot, peel or blister.
Vinyl doors are designed to operate smoothly and resist drafts. Glazing options are available for different weather conditions.


Metal/wood hybrids offer extreme exterior durability, with little maintenance. Metal exteriors are long-lasting and reliable, while wood on the interior allows for customization of colour and style.
Metal/wood doors are modern in look, allowing for a variety of glass and hardware options.

Door Finishing Options

Hardware is an essential component of every door. It enhances style and also provides safety, security and functionality. Durability is of utmost importance as it is a product used repeatedly. Our manufacturers provide all of these qualities with masterful craftsmanship and ingenuity. Hardware options vary with your door selection. Allow us to help you select appropriate hardware suitable for your needs and style.