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Some common deck repair issues may be easy to solve, but others may require the services of a home contractor. In this article, we’ll discuss how to fix a broken railing, rotted post, or wobbly board. In addition, we’ll discuss how to prevent a deteriorating deck from becoming unsafe by cleaning it regularly.

Fixing a rotted post

First, determine where the rotted area is on the post. You can avoid replacing the post by cutting off the rotted part. This will allow you to add a PVC or plastic shim to protect the rotten wood. Next, remove the support piece. This repair will cost about the same as replacing a new deck post.

Often, a rotted post on a wood deck can be fixed. This is more cost effective than replacing the post, especially if the post is decorative. In such cases, a replacement post may be expensive and hard to find.

Fixing a broken railing

One of the most common problems with deck railings is that they are either cracked or warped. Cracked materials can occur due to several reasons, including age, water damage, and temperature fluctuations. Regardless of the cause, you should be prepared to spend some time and money on deck builder in Brampton.

If a railing is cracked or rotten, it is highly likely to require replacement. While it is possible to repair one broken piece, replacing the entire railing is a better option. In most cases, railings are built to withstand a lot of weight, but over time, they can start to corrode. While most wooden railings are treated for moisture resistance, the wood can still be susceptible to rot. If the wood has started to rot, it will look dark in some areas and will feel spongey. Mold growth can also be an indication of rot.

Fixing a rotten post

A rotten post can be dangerous, but it can be fixed. If the rotten part of the post is small enough, you can cut away the rot and replace it with a new piece. In addition, you can reinforce the post by attaching metal brackets. This will ensure that it supports the same vertical load as before. If multiple pieces of the post are affected, you should consider deck builder in Richmond Hill.

The main cause of rotten posts is water infiltration. The water causes the rot to spread, and particulates in the soil can hasten the process. The posts can also rot because the soil around them is poorly draining. In addition, wood deck posts are often located close to the ground, where water can accumulate and spread to parts you cannot see.

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Fixing a wobbly deck board

If you have a deck with wobbly boards, there are a number of possible causes. These problems can affect the overall stability of your deck and put unnecessary stress on fasteners and connectors. To fix these problems, you should hire a professional to perform a thorough inspection.

To repair a wobbly board, you must first remove the nails that are holding it down. You may need to use a hammer to remove the nail. You can also use a diagonal cutter to get underneath the nail head. Once you remove the nail, you should use a new wood screw to secure the board to the deck.